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Winner of the Watkins Ultimate Backyard Challenge

About Us

Landscaping is our passion, just like creating a beautiful home is yours. We specialize in artful, unique designs that fit your taste and budget. Together, we’ll work to achieve the look and feel you desire. Our precise design, preparation and planning are what separates us from the competition.


The Trophy holders of the Watkins Ultimate Backyard Challenge
F – Friendly with Nature and your family
O – Ostentatious &Outrageous Landscape Designers Omaha
U -Unmatched Urbane Outlook NE Landscaping Services
T- Transforms Abandoned Backyards into Attractive
C- Cheap yet Picturesque Omaha Professional Landscapes
H- Hardscapes and Softscapes in Perfect Harmony

The distinct perspective of ours, The Foutch Landscaping Enterprises – the leaders in NE landscaping, completely outclasses us in both art&science of backyard landscaping.

We – The Foutch Enterprises Limited

Our Vision
“To be the topmost leaders of Horticulture and landscape design in Omaha.”
We aspire to consistently introduce creative landscape designs foreseeing customer’s vision and specific requirements.At the same time, we aim to deploy top-notch technology in developing hardscapes & softscapes for you.We perk up your abandoned backyard to full potential and put forth not only an attractive space, but low-maintenance luxurious area to spend quality time and make memories.

Our Mission
We believe that we are in Omaha to design the best backyards. And, thus our mission is coherent, i.e. to design, develop and maintain backyards.Quality and excellence are our main objectives. We excel in all sorts of services engaged in backyard landscaping whether it’s the snow removal task or the softscapes or the hardscapes.

Code of Conduct
We incorporate the values of commitment, transparency, honesty, openness and on-time task completion. The friendly attitude and behavior of our connoisseurs help you to create a backyard of your dreams.

Life-time Experience in Landscaping
Adorning the landscapes of Omaha, we have been enriching our experience in the landscaping industry for more than a decade. Our experts have ecological, aesthetic as well as technical training to assist you to plan a backyard, incorporating all the features you wished for, according to the latest, modern and Eco-friendly ways.

Why Us, NE landscaping services?

  • One Stop Solution to transform your neglected backyards into striking and stunning living spaces.
  • We create beautiful backyards for you to rejuvenate and live life king size.
  • We are a nationally recognized company who won “The Ultimate Backyard Challenge” competing against 17 other companies.
  • We are accredited with A+ Rating with the BBB.
  • We are experts working under Jake Foutch – specialist in horticulture and landscape designing.

Get our landscape services to experience our work closely and feel the difference in your living space!